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Strategic Sports Performance®


Celebrating 10 years of coaching in 2012! 



"Succeed in your goals through a strongly rooted foundation of preparation.  Evolve into your own Elite Athlete"



Marty Cashin is a Connecticut based Triathlon coach with Strategic Sports Performance®


Marty has been guiding athletes to achieve success through his customized training programs.  From the novice to the seasoned athlete alike, Marty will make sure that you are provided with a training plan that will get you to the starting line healthy, happy and having had enjoyed the journey of training.



 Coach Marty giving a race prep at the Pat Griskus Triathlon in 2012





Strength is from within


To schedule your consultation (standard rates apply) with Coach Marty please email him at:






     Strategic Sports Performance® encourages all athletes to believe in themselves and to reach beyond their human potential.  We encourage you to believe in yourself and with that belief, you WILL improve.  We want you to believe in the endless possibilities of YOU!

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